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Keyless entry pads are a great addition for any residence or commercial property where many people have keys. Keys can be a vulnerability to your security. They are often lost or misplaced, and that they are often easily copied if stolen. All of this suggests you, because the landowner , lose control over who exactly has keys to your building.

Keyless entry pads eliminate this problem by employing a simple code for access. Now rather than fumbling for your key at rock bottom of a handbag or your pockets, you’ll enter with only a couple of key pushes. And it’s safer , because you recognize exactly who has the code. If the code is compromised it are often easily changed to stay your security at maximum effectiveness.

There are many different models of key-less entry pads available. Discuss your options together with your locksmith, who can recommend the best security system for your needs, whether residential or commercial.



We offer a wide range of keyless entry and the premium service includes:

  • Secure your home or business in Orlando with Real Living electronic locks and luxuriate in the convenience of unlocking and locking your door using the backlit touchscreen keypad. You’ll never need to carry around you keys again.
  • Keyless entry solutions for residential & commercial buildings to customers across the Orlando area.
  • Nextouch levers, Nextouch deadbolt, Combination entry deadlocking latch, Combination entry deadbolt, Combination entry levers, Combination entry knobs.
  • Electronic & Mechanical push button locks for mortise lock, exit device trim, storefront hardware, lever handle/door knob locks, cabinet locks.
  • Commercial guard 1 specifically designed for high-traffic, high-frequency uses: provides excellent security for apartment lobbies, employee entrances, student dormitories, hotels, luxury homes, airport, hospitals, clubs, businesses, and institutions.
  • Trust LIMU Express Locksmith for solutions that provide the right blend of form, flexibility and performance .
  • Our professionals install your key-less entry to make sure you’ve got the added security you would like .
  • No keys to lose or unauthorized key duplication.

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For more information about key-less entry in Orlando. LIMU Express Locksmith would like to assist you , our surveillance consultants create a custom proposal for you (free estimates).

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