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5 Times You’ll Need 24-Hour Locksmith Services

No matter the day or time, when you’re locked out, you want on-demand access to your home, office, or car. This is where 24-hour locksmith services come in handy. Here are five scenarios when you may need to contact an emergency locksmith.

1. Your lock (or your key) is damaged

If you have an especially finicky key (or worse, a finicky lock), it’s easy to grow frustrated as you wrestle to open the door to your home, car, or office. However, try not to jam your key into the lock too aggressively… or you just might wind up needing to call your nearest 24-hour locksmith for emergency lockout service.

While a good key or lock system should be able to withstand typical use and natural wear and tear, remember this is still sensitive hardware that can become damaged or broken if forcibly jostled. Though your trusted emergency locksmith can certainly help you out if this scenario arises, it’s better to replace or repair a lock system or duplicate a key that isn’t functioning as it should be to avoid the situation in the first place.

2. After a break-in

Just as attempting to jimmy your own way into a difficult-to-open door can damage the lock or key, thefts in which the offender picks or breaks a lock upon entry will also cause damage. To ensure your home, car, or office is as secure as possible after a break-in, you’ll need to call an emergency locksmith to promptly repair the lock. In fact, it’s a good idea to re-key your property’s locks (or replace the unit entirely), especially if any spare keys have gone missing. Of course, remember to maintain proper home security at all times throughout your entire property.

3. You forget the combo on an electronic lock (or there is a power outage)

It’s human nature — sometimes important details completely slip our minds. This is the reason why the “forgot password” tool exists on virtually every account login platform. Even if it’s a password you’ve used to using every day, sometimes you simply draw a blank. While there’s no immediate tool for forgotten combinations on doors with electronic locks, your 24-hour locksmith is your next best bet to regain access as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, if you rely on an electronic lock to enter your home, apartment, office, or another unit connected to power, what are you supposed to do in the event of a neighborhood power outage? While many buildings will have a backup generator or another fallback method to keep essential functions running, if you are locked out and your electronic key unit is also outfitted with a keyhole, an emergency locksmith may be able to let you in. Simply discuss with them over the phone to find out if, or how, they can help.

4. You lose your keys

If you lose your keys, there’s more to worry about than the immediate inconvenience of not being able to open your door. Should your keys fall into the wrong hands, your security and safety could be compromised — whether someone tries to drive away in your car or figures out which door matches the key and breaks into your home or office. For this reason, this is one of the most important times to contact a 24-hour locksmith, both to unlock your door and re-key it. Keep track of your keys whenever you are out and about to avoid this conundrum (and to prevent getting locked out!).

5. You lock yourself out

Speaking of getting locked out… sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. If you lock yourself out, you may feel silly or embarrassed about leaving your keys inside your car or home. However, this is actually a common accident, and your locksmith will be happy to help you out — even if you’re locked out in the middle of the night!

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