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Locked Out of Your Self Locking Door?

Locked Out of Your Self Locking Door?

Do you have a self locking door and have been locked out of your apartment or home? Unfortunately, many homeowners and tenants with self locking doors experience unanticipated lockouts rather frequently. Lockouts can happen to anyone at any time, but they tend to occur more often when you have a self locking door. Most homeowners or tenants will momentarily forget that their door is self locking and will only realize once their front door closes behind them.  

What to Do If You Get Locked Out

If you’ve locked yourself out and don’t have your house keys with you, take a deep breath and call someone who has a spare key. Do you live in an apartment building? Your landlord probably has a key to your unit and may be available to unlock it for you. In the case that no one answers you or they don’t have a spare key, don’t hesitate to call a LIMU Express Orlando locksmith for help. Professional locksmiths can provide 24/7 emergency lockout services. Calling a locksmith is the quickest, safest, and most efficient way to get back inside your apartment or home. A reputable locksmith has the tools and knowledge to unlock your home quickly and without causing damage to your locks. If you’re looking for a trustworthy Orlando locksmith, reach out to LIMU Express Locksmith. Why call us? Because we offer affordable services and always put our clients first. We understand how frustrating and scary lockouts can be, that’s why our goal is to get you back into your house or apartment in as little time as possible and securing your property after we’ve gained access to it. 

How to Prevent a Residential Lockout

While calling a locksmith to get you back into your home will help you momentarily, how can you prevent future lockouts? Here are several ways that you can avoid getting locked out if you have a self locking door.

Check For Keys Before You Leave

Since self locking doors automatically lock when they close, we recommend that you always double-check to make sure that you have your keys with you when leaving home. Put your keys in an accessible place like on a key hook or in a key bowl by your front door so that you can easily grab them on your way out. 

Keep a Spare Key in a Lock Box

This method will only work if you live in a house and not in an apartment building. Don’t hide a spare key in a place that a burglar could easily find it, like under a doormat, potted plant, or fake rock. Most burglaries don’t involve forced entry, but since burglars are aware of all the hide-a-key solutions they can easily find hidden keys. To prevent home break-ins, invest in a lock box. If you ever get locked out of your home, just enter the correct combination into the lock box to access your spare key! While it’s not necessary, you can place your lock box in a hidden location that is easy to remember, but not easy to find. Another option is to keep a spare key at work if your workplace is nearby. If you get locked out, you can always drive to your workplace to retrieve your spare key.

Change Out Your Locks

Changing out your locks for ones that don’t automatically lock is one of the best ways to prevent lockouts. A Manhattan locksmith near you can recommend several highly trusted door lock brands to switch your current locks out for. It also may be possible to upgrade your locks to keyless or smart locks! Keyless locks and smart locks completely eliminate the need for physical keys. Smart locks sync with your phone while keyless locks require you to punch in a code into a keypad. If you live in an apartment building be sure to notify your landlord or property management company before changing your locks. Call LIMU Express Locksmith to get locks recommendations and to get your locks changed today.

Give a Spare Key to Someone You Trust

Make one of two copies of your house key and give them to a neighbor, friend, or relative. Make sure to give your key to someone who lives nearby so it’s not too much of a hassle to get it when you need to. Giving out a spare key (or two) can help you when you get locked out. If you get locked out, give this trusted individual a call and either ask them to bring you the key or get it from them yourself. Need a spare house key? Give LIMU Express Locksmith in Orlando a call. We’d be happy to make you as many duplicates as you need.

With self locking doors, you’re even more prone to lockouts. The best way to prevent lockouts is to prepare yourself by making a few spare keys (and handing them out to a trusted individual or putting them in a lock box), changing out your locks if possible, and making sure that you have your keys before you leave. Also, be sure to add a Orlando locksmith’s phone number to your phone in case you get locked out and have no way of getting back in. 

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