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What You Need to Know About Eviction Locksmiths in Orlando area

What You Need to Know About Eviction Locksmiths in Orlando area

One of the most stressful situations as a landlord in Orlando area (or anywhere else for that matter) is evicting a tenant. As the emotions and tensions rise between you and your tenant, it’s essential to have a neutral third party who can help you with the eviction process. In the case of a sheriff eviction lockout, contacting an eviction locksmith Orlando may be necessary.

What does an eviction locksmith in Orlando do? After a tenant has been evicted, eviction locksmiths work with landlords to reinstate access and key control for a property. In some cases, an eviction locksmith may be required to be present while a sheriff performs an eviction lockout. If an evicted tenant has changed their locks, an eviction locksmith will need to be able to unlock the front door. After gaining access to the unit, they’ll also need to rekey or change the door locks to prevent the tenant from re-entering the unit. 

Residential vs. Commercial Eviction Locksmiths

You can call an eviction locksmith for both residential and commercial properties. However, it is suggested that you call the appropriate locksmith for your building so that you’re given proper assessments and recommendations for your situation. For example, you’ll need to call a residential eviction locksmith Orlando for residential properties. 

Residential Eviction Locksmith

residential locksmith can handle residential evictions. These locksmiths have lots of experience with getting back into locked apartments and rekeying/changing locks. Some residential locksmiths have the skills to unlock chain locks, keyless locks, and high-security locks. 

Commercial Eviction Locksmith

Commercial evictions can be more difficult to handle and require the expertise of a commercial locksmith. A commercial locksmith may need a master key system to stay intact while changing a single lock or may need to create an entirely new system. On top of that, a commercial locksmith Orlando may also have to deal with electronic locks, which are hardwired into the building’s electrical system. As a landlord for a commercial building, you don’t want to take risks by compromising your future tenant’s security. Your commercial locksmith will offer you assistance throughout the entire conviction process, including helping you select new locks for your doors.

Eviction Locksmith Services

Here are several common locksmith eviction services that you may need: 

Gaining Access to Property

Problematic tenants have the habit of changing their apartment or house locks after they’ve been evicted. Thankfully, an eviction locksmith can assist you with unlocking doors that you don’t have a key for. With the help of a residential locksmith, you’ll be able to unlock the front door and change the locks without breaking in. 

Changing or Rekeying Door Locks

After an eviction lockout, you’re going to need to change all of the door locks. 

Although your tenants are not supposed to duplicate their apartment or house keys, it’s best to assume that key copies were made for the safety of your future tenants. When changing the locks, it’s essential to change all the door locks such as patio and garage door locks. 

You also have the option of rekeying your door locks. This is a cost-effective alternative to getting your locks changed. Rekeying is a process where a lock is deconstructed and the inner components are replaced, deeming the old key ineffective. Essentially, you’ll need to use a new key with your rekeyed lock. The only downside of rekeying is that it won’t be an effective solution if your lock is already broken or damaged. For a broken door lock, you’ll need to get the door lock entirely replaced. 

Changing Mailbox Locks

After an eviction, you’ll want to ensure that your evicted tenant doesn’t have access to any of their old locks including their mailbox lock. Difficult tenants have been known to come back and steal packages. Although houses don’t usually use keyed mailboxes, if your previous tenant was especially problematic, you may want to consider installing a mailbox lock. A residential locksmith Orlando will have no problem changing or installing a new mailbox lock for you. 

Padlock Removal

A landlord or property owner may occasionally encounter padlocks over the eviction period. Your previous tenant could have left you to deal with a damaged padlock that they didn’t remove, broken the padlock out of anger, or left a padlock that you don’t have a key to. You’ll need to get that padlock removed by any means necessary. Fortunately, an eviction locksmith can easily remove an unwanted padlock by using bolt cutters or an angle grinder. 

Call Locksmith For Orlando for Eviction Locksmith Services

If you’re looking for a reliable eviction locksmith Orlando, you’ve come to the right place. LIMU Express Locksmith Orlando has lots of experience in dealing with tenant evictions. You can rely on us to handle commercial and residential evictions quickly and responsibly. Sheriff eviction lockouts require locksmiths to get into units and change/rekey locks within a very limited timeframe. Don’t take any chances, give us a call today!

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